Marriage and divorce

I cannot speak from my own testimony

But I speak on the testimonies from

ancient men.

Marriages on the verge of divorce

can be restored.

It can reach the place of

no return

and return

to give a positive testimony

I heard it starts with a choice

Lion of Judah

This empty void gets filled

And I begin to see this is a relationship.

I begin to see relationships can be good

Relationships can be beneficial for me.

“Men are not made to be alone”

Females neither.

I see this relationship with God is good for me.

I learn things

I learn about life

We are the children in Africa

Sometimes I forget we are the children in Africa

that everyone is praying for.

And I send my prayers out tonight

To the children in Europe, America,Australia,China and everyone else.

That they remember God has RISEN for them too.

We might be poor in finance

but everyone needs Jesus


Dear Lord

Forgive me for worshiping an made image of You.

For choosing out parts of You to worship

and others to forget.

You are kind yes, but You are Holy too.

Forgive me if I have forgot Your Holiness

and made You into a one-dollar store Jesus.

Thank You for forgiveness.

Teach me Your ways.

God come and fetch me

Dear God

I’m ready for you to come fetch me
they don’t want me anyway.
I have not forgotten that you have adopted me. Created me in Your likeness.
I have not forgotten that you promised to never leave
to make my paths if I know you in all my ways
And even if i fail, Jesus died
which makes me righteous.

So I’m here God.
No one wants me.
I’ll take me,
but I’m not strong enough to
carry me anymore.


Thanks God for coming
Even when my flesh is depressed
I still reek of Your likeness
My Spirit is in You
And You heard my cry.

You came through the form of a human
as You touched my back

for that moment relief came
My snot is still dripping from my nose
but Your presence lingers.


Lord come and fetch me